Take My Breath Away - XXL Baby’s Breath Bouquet

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Take her breath away!!! What’s a bigger surprise than a huge XXL baby’s breath bouquet? Baby’s breath signifies an everlasting and undying love, romantically or non-romantic bonds! So it’s perfect if it’s for a romantic partner, or family member, or just colleagues and platonic friends! 

Model stands at 1.57m. 

Dimension: approx. 137cm H x 90cm W 

Fresh flowers are seasonal thus fillers & flowers are subject to change based on availability. Should any of the Blooms/Fillers/Material become unavailable due to shipment, season, occasion, other supply obstacles or deemed bad quality, we will substitute with a suitable Bloom/Filler/Material at our discretion, without prior notice or obligations. Density of buds and flowers are out of our control and dependent on individual stalks. 

Do note that these bouquets will not look exactly the same as in pictures as each stalk is unique.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries at floralpassion.sg@gmail.com! For urgent orders, please drop us an email!

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